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Cedar House is moving!

So, you know how every so often, life is just floating along and then something happens suddenly and it just rocks your world in every way?  That's pretty much exactly what we're going through right now.  My husband Zach was offered a great job in Boulder, and so we'll be moving!  It all feels very sudden, and although we'll be leaving our bestest bestest friends and the greatest community I've ever been a part of, we are SO excited for what lies ahead.  It's weird - I was realizing that, in my adult life, I've never made a move that was difficult.  We've moved a ton, but each time we moved we were totally and completely done with the old place and never looked back.  This one will be so different... I've spent the last few days crying every few hours, followed by a few hours of being super stoked, then getting all nostalgic  and sad again.  BV is truly the best place I've ever lived, although, at times, it has also been one of the hardest.  Both Zach and I know we're ready for this next step but at the same time it's so hard to leave the people you love (even if it's just a few hours away, haha).I've found a great little studio office space in the unbelievably cool community of Prospect New Town, about 10 minutes from Boulder.  You guys - you will NOT believe how awesome this neighborhood is!  It was named "America's Coolest Neighborhood" by Dwell magazine and "The Best New Town in the West" by Sunset magazine... but even more importantly than that, the first time we drove through, we both fell in love immediately.  Prospect is founded on the same New Urbanism principles of walkability, sustainability, and community as the South Main neighborhood in Buena Vista, which are all concepts we love.  We'll be in a sweet mixed-use condo / townhouse right on the main square and park, with my studio on the ground level in a commercial space and our home on the floors above, and I definitely plan to have an open house for you all to come visit once we're settled.  I'm excited because there is so much great architecture in this neighborhood that there will be endless locations to shoot in, and each one will feel so different -  brightly-colored walls, concrete, parks with hammocks, a swimming pool, multi-colored rowhouses, Tuscan style architecture... it'll be amazing!  Living in "America's Coolest Neighborhood" is going to make me feel super cool, and shooting a session in "America's Coolest Neighborhood" should make you feel super cool too :)

Aside from my "home base", not much else about my business will change.  I'll be keeping the same business name, the same rates for 2011, and (as always) I would LOVE to travel to your destination!

To my past / current / future clients:

- I love you guys.  Like a ton.  That just needs to be said first. - If you've already booked a wedding or session, nothing at all will change for you.  I won't be charging any additional travel fees and I still am looking forward to working with you all. - If you haven't booked yet, but were considering it, please do.  I will be traveling to the BV area all the time this summer and I won't be charging any travel fees, so please keep scheduling and sending BV / Salida referrals my way!   I'll still be visiting friends and shooting weddings, senior portraits, families and children in BV and Salida frequently, so I'll be in town anyway. I've been so excited for senior season and I can't wait to work with all of you lovelies from Salida High School, BV High School, and Lake County High School. - I would still love to help you with any local vendor recommendations, or suggest Arkansas Valley venues for you to check out. - My rates for 2011 will stay the same. - You can still place reprint / album orders at any time. - If you have outstanding orders waiting to be picked up or paid for, now would be a good time to do so, otherwise a minor shipping charge may apply. - If you've been hoping for a session closer to the Front Range, I now have an amazing place to shoot in. Prospect is full of bright crayon colors, lush greenery, parks, sweet architecture, and great textures (see below).  It's going to be an artistic dream to shoot in :) - As always, I love to travel, so don't hesitate to ask!

So let's pretend this is a party, and you're all invited.  Here it is:

WHEN: We should be fully settled in & good to go by the second week of July.

WHERE: Our new address will be 722B Tenacity Drive; Longmont, CO; 80504

Prospect is just a few minutes in between Boulder and Longmont.  As always, I'd love for you to stop by anytime!  Driving directions to the new studio office from Denver:  Take I-25 north, and then get off at exit 217 for Hwy 36 towards Boulder.  Exit at CO-121 for Hwy 287 towards Lafayette.  Turn left on Tenacity Drive into the Prospect neighborhood, and the studio will be on the right, just past the coffee shop and wine store (yesss!).

From Boulder:  Take Diagonal Hwy / 119 towards Longmont.  Take a hard right on S. Hover, then a left on Plateau, which turns into N 105th.  Turn right on Plateau (again).  Turn left onto 100 Year Party Court into the Prospect neighborhood, then turn right on Tenacity, and I'll be on the left. (Honestly I was kind of bummed to not end up with an address on 100 Year Party Court.)

My business name, phone number, and all internet stuff will stay exactly the same, and hopefully in the next month or so I'll have a sign so you know where to find me.

This next month is going to be crazy for me - excited, fun crazy, but still totally crazy.  Thanks in advance for your patience, and thank you all SO much for your continued support.  You, my clients, are the reason that I get to live this life that I love, and I never want to take that for granted.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of you in Denver & Boulder, and I would deeply appreciate your referrals as I get started in a wonderful new place!  Come visit me any time!


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(via Blog the Rockies)


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