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i hope you like food.

I hope you like food.That might seem like a no-brainer for most people, but for over a decade, I hated it.  It was the enemy, something to be feared, something that unfortunately had to be dealt with after weeks of triple-digit calorie intake would leave me shaky and foggy-minded.  On a daily basis, my body now deals with the repercussions of years of disordered eating.

In the last few years, my perspective has begun to shift.  I love the way my body feels after weeks of living off of healthy, whole fruits and veggies.  I love spices and strange combinations of flavors.  I love the crunch of red bell peppers and cucumbers, the creaminess of avocados.  I'll put ginger or lavender or goat cheese or rosewater on pretty much anything, and if there's something on the menu that sounds strange, I'll probably order it just out of curiosity.  The last few months, I've been really watching what goes into my body, and paying closer attention to how good I feel when I eat well.  Those of you who know me  know how totally sucky I am at cooking, but it's because I've had years and years of avoiding food at all costs, and haven't had a chance to learn, like so many of my friends who have always loved being in the kitchen.  But now... I've started cooking.  I actually started a while ago (sssh!  It's been a little bit of a personal secret).

I've fallen in love with good food.  It's such a paradigm shift to begin to see food as nourishing, essential, and helpful, not as something I have to constantly fight against.  My skin is smoother and brighter, I don't get sick, I need less caffeine to get through the day, and I feel more excited about life.  I've become passionate about the fruit and protein I eat every day, the veggies that I base my meals on, the jug of water a day that I originally forced myself to drink but now can't live without.  Yep, if you see some nerdy ultra-white chick walking around Boulder with an entire gallon jug of water in tow, that's most likely me :)

I hope you like food, because, I do... and there's about to be a whole lot more of it on this blog.

I recently decided to go back to school for Nutritional Counseling at a school here in Boulder.  My first day of class was today, and I left SO. PUMPED.  So much to learn!  Aagh!  Am I quitting photography?  Most definitely not!  I absolutely love this job, and can't imagine life without it.  However, Colorado being what it is, the outdoor shooting season is pretty limited, and I'm looking to fill in the gaps in the winter so I can moderate my crazy schedule in the summer a bit more. So, there won't be any less photography on this blog, but there's about to be a whole lot more food.

And I hope you like it.