So, I totally love this girl.  Jessie is going to be  a senior at Salida High School in the fall, and she is not only gorgeous, but so so cool!  I totally would have been friends with her when I was in high school.  I knew I was going to love her as soon as she showed up to the studio with a big stack of books and told me how much she loves to read.  I was seriously in nerd heaven!  When I found out that she works at her school newspaper, interns at the Salida newspaper, and wants to go into journalism, we did a bunch of fun shots with some brightly-colored newspaper stands... they feel very "Lois Lane" to me.  Yay!  After our shoot, Jessie left me the best Facebook message:

Hey!! That was extremely fun you're so right! I can't tell you how comfortable I was, I told my mom that it was like when you walk in the hospital and your doctor is a girl, it's just one of those reassuring things!