A few days ago, I was lucky enough to experience our first snowfall of the season while doing an amazing fairy tale - themed shoot for a children's book author, who also happens to be one of my oldest friends.  She's been with me through All-State Choir, so many shows (including being a fellow VonTrapp daughter in Sound of Music), weddings, midnight tapioca runs, book discussions, and all-night conversations.  Lindsay is the PERFECT Little Red, and yes, my Little Red wears fishnets :)  The four of us - me, Lindsay, her boyfriend, and my friend John whose dog I borrowed to play wolf - were cavorting through the woods, golden aspen leaves at our feet, incredible clouds in the sky, and a huge white "wolf" happily crashing through the trees behind us.  Then the snow started drifting down... it was absolutely magical and surreal.  Despite all menacing appearances, Isha, half wolf and half German Shepherd, is one of the sweetest, easiest, friendliest dogs I've ever met.  And, I got to practice my killer Photoshop skills on the Princess and the Pea section.  Yikes.  I never want to edit another mattress again :)  I know I promised I wouldn't say this anymore, but... one of my favorite shoots of all time.  Linds, babe - I love you.   John, love - thanks for letting me borrow you & Isha for the afternoon.  I still owe you a six pack.  Yay!  Thanks for letting me go crazy on this one.lindsay 1lindsay 2