Haven and Matt are dear family friends, and the reason we were in St. Croix in the first place!  Forget "family friends" - they count as family.  Their daughter Evie is one of the cutest, sweetest, most hilarious, most gorgeous children I've ever met.  I should also insert, proudly, that Evie loves my website.  Every night, she'd crawl into my lap, look at my laptop, and announce, "I want to see pictures of grumpy babies.  I want to see pictures of girls in white dresses."  Then she'd point out her favorites.  I'm smitten :)We had such a great time doing their family shoot at the beach where Columbus supposedly landed.  Once again, amazing light, amazing water, amazing smiles.  When they got splashed by an unexpected wave, this shoot sort of turned into a "trash the family" extreme portrait session.  Yay!  Extreme portraiture.. hmm.  Maybe I'll start a trend.  They ended up dancing, falling, playing, swimming, and I think Evie was doing some sort of two-year-old instinctual naked yoga (the last one is one of many favorites from this shoot).   What cool wonderful people :)  Haven, Matt, & Evie - thank you so much for everything -all the rum, all the improvisational cooking experiments, all the late-night talks, and for letting me go a little nuts with your bug zapper that one night :)