Abbey and Justin and I had a ton of fun shooting their engagement session at Santa's Workshop in Manitou, and I am so SO excited to shoot their wedding in Burlington this summer!  Abbey has been telling me all about her decorating plans, and it sounds like it's going to be amazing.   We headed to the North Pole / Santa's Workshop on a cold cold morning a few days before Christmas, and then played around at the penny arcade in Manitou (photographer's paradise!).Let me also insert that Justin is a cop, and once left me a parking ticket.  I picked it up off my windshield, thinking, "oh man!", until I noticed what it said : "Your vehicle is in violation of____" and he wrote, "being stupid".   I knew at that point that it had to be Justin :)

Thanks so much, you guys.  I had a ton of fun.  Not everyone gets to hang out at little kids' amusement park with cool people for a living.  Love it!  I can't wait for the wedding!