Alright, my dears.  I know I've been a bad blogger - trust me, it's not for lack of images to share!  I've been going nonstop and it's wonderful and I barely have time to breathe and I'm loving it!  I've pretty much been in a different city every day (BV-Salida-Denver-Colorado Springs-Estes Park-Manitou Springs-Leadville) so things are a little nuts.  This summer, I've tried to be a little more intentional about scheduling myself for one day off a week, and that's made such a difference with my attitude in general and my workflow.  Actually, coming up this weekend is my one weekend off this summer until the end of September!  Yay!  So, Zach and I are headed to Santa Fe, my hometown, for a little relaxing, tequila drinking, and sunlight  following. And I can't wait.As of right now, here's a list of the shoots that are waiting for their glorious debut in blog-land:

FOUR fabulous weddings

ONE engagement film

ONE wedding film

ONE newborn

ONE family

ONE insane Trash the Dress session involving mysterious food items

ONE gorgeous Day After session at Rocky Mountain National Park

SEVEN absolutely wonderful seniors.

And a partridge in a pear tree.  Okay... not really.  But there will be an apple tree :)

Here's one gigantic preview of some of the good stuff coming up on the blog soon.

And there will be so much more than this, too.  Trust me.  On a scheduling note, I'll be out of the studio this weekend, and I'm now booking for late September and October.  So give me a call and let's go make something beautiful!