Okay, so the past few weeks I've been completely obsessed with green smoothies.  In case you haven't hopped on the green smoothie bandwagon yet, you SO SHOULD.  Here's how I do it (please excuse the janky lighting - this was in my kitchen at, like, 1am).I start with a banana and a bunch of kale (5-6 leaves), which I chop:

Plus about a half cup each of strawberries and blueberries (these look weird because they were frozen):

Doesn't it all look so pretty in the blender?  I also add about a cup of apple juice, which I forgot to take a photo of.  Then I blend it!  After it's been blending for a minute or two, I add a scoop of vanilla-flavored protein powder (if you add it first, it kind of gets chunky and gross, so I toss it in once everything else has blended).  Why protein powder?  Well, I've been a vegetarian since I was 7 or 8, so I know I need to keep on top of that.  Plus I'm secretly hoping that one day after the gym I'll come back looking like the Hulk.  A few years ago, I was working out ALL THE TIME and I got super strong and I loved it.  Back then I was mixing vanilla protein powder into my black coffee in the mornings (it's much better in smoothies, let me tell you).  One day I came home from the gym after lifting, and some friends were hanging out in the kitchen.  As soon as I walked in, my friend Jenn looked at me, stopped mid-sentence, and just said, "Holy SHIT! You are seriously SCARY!" and then started laughing.  So that's what I'm going for :)  Anyway...

The weird thing about green smoothies (well, mine at least) is that, when they're freshly blended, they look sort of purple, but if they sit for a few minutes or so they magically turn bright green.  I'm not sue why exactly that happens, but I like to pretend that it's magic.  Yum!