Next step in this crazy adventure called life: we're going on the road!  We bought an old RV and are driving out to the sunny west coast to chase the sunshine and connect with some friends & family....yep,  just like your retired grandparents ;)As of now, we're planning to be on the road for most of January, February, and at least part of March.

We have so many fun spots we'd like to stop at along the way!  Although we do have a general idea of dates, we're not going to be super strict about which exact days in which locations.  Why not?  Well, that depends, in part, on YOU!


If you live in or relatively near-ish any of these spots along the way, I'd love to do a session with you!  Or, have you always wanted to have a session in one of these spots, and want to meet me out there?

Or, I'd love to meet you for coffee... or park our RV in your driveway for a day or two....or have you tell me about your favorite local thing to see or do.  If I end up with tons of people in a similar area wanting sessions, we'll stay there for a bit longer.  Yay!

Here's a rough estimate of our driving plan, so far:


If there's enough interest,  we may consider heading up farther north towards Washington & Oregon after March 7th :)  So if you're interested in a session along the way, get in touch!

If you're a current client, you can still order prints, albums, and graduation announcements and schedule your session for the future, just like always.  And for those of you staying in Colorado, I promise lots of updates as we hit the road!