Hey guys!

I'm assuming you're fans of the Cedar House page on Facebook because you want to see lots of awesome images and check out my latest work! I want to connect with you, too! Unfortunately, that's not what's happening.

Facebook has made some recent changes that totally throttle how many of my fans see the images I post.  I have over 6,000 fans on Facebook, and often, only a few hundred people end up seeing what I post.  Facebook has started offering the option to "boost" your post for an extra fee.  The few times I've done this, I've gotten a great response, and after looking into my results, about 5,600 of my 6,000 fans see the post when I pay to boost it.

Wait... what?  

Yep, that's right.  Even if I pay extra money, Facebook still does not display my posts to all of the people who want to see them!  That's so crazy to me.

I'm just a one-person studio, and I run this business out of my home office.  I definitely can't afford to pay to promote every single one of my posts to make sure Facebook shows them to you guys.  It's a bummer, because I've spent lots of time and effort in maintaining the Facebook page over the years, and built up a pretty good following, and now none of you guys are even seeing it!  Engagement has dropped a ton, too - meaning, the number of people who click on a post, comment, or share it - and I'm pretty sure this is directly related to FB just not showing it to anyone, because it wants me to pay.

Take a look at this post - 93.5% of you guys didn't even see this image on Facebook! :(

From here on out, I will still be maintaining my FB page, but I will be posting more images + behind the scenes awesomeness to Instagram, which (at least as of now) does not require me to pay money for my images to be seen.  I'd love to have you follow me there!  My Instagram account is relatively new so I don't have anywhere near the following that I do on Facebook, but even so, way more people are seeing my posts and engaging with them on IG - which is awesome!

Cheers, and hope to see you all over on Instagram!