Last week, I had the absolute privelege of working with the astoundingly beautiful Carrie on her modeling portfolio!  I cannot even begin to express how much fun we had.  First of all, she brought about 8,000 outfits and a million pairs of shoes in to the studio - I really should have taken a picture of how jam-packed the studio was with cool stuff.  Clothes on the couch, all the chairs, the table, shoes taking up the whole entryway... it was great.So, this girl wants to model for Roxy.  I think she's totally got it.  She's super cool, incredibly at ease in front of the camera, and has the cool surfer girl vibe going on.  She might have the most mesmerizing eyes in the entire world.  Plus, she'll do all kinds of ridiculous things to make her photographer happy - like hosing herself down in a car wash, pretending to look like she was having fun splashing around in the freezing cold water at sunset, and gluing feathers to her eyelashes....for real.  Check out the beautiful, beautiful Carrie and leave encouraging comments about how she's going to be the world's next supermodel!



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