Moriah is a junior in Salida, and we had so much fun trashing not one, not two, not three, but four prom dresses this last week!  We talked pretty much non-stop the whole afternoon.  This girl is up for anything (and has some amazingly cute dresses!).  We randomly pulled over to the side of the highway several times, and those ended up being some of my favorite shots!  We also tromped around the Chaffee County Fair getting all kinds of stares from the people in Carhartts and boots - a huge thanks to Carrie for letting us ride her 200- something pound pig.  The fair was so great - what a fun place for a shoot.  Moriah - you are so so cool!  Thanks for the awesome shoot!  And, way to look warm in the river... good job :)moriah 1moriah 2

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