I knew I was going to absolutely love this girl as soon as I saw her profile picture on Facebook - she had these awesome gigantic plastic glasses - but I had no idea I was going to love her this much.  As soon as I saw that she brought neon green leggings, a fur-hooded parka, and a flapper dress for her senior portrait shoot, I pretty much developed a full-on girl crush.  She wanted something really, really different, and I guess her mom joked that she would never be able to find a photographer who would "put up with" her style.  "Put up with"... ha!  Meet Ayla, awesome snowboarder, photographer, Salida High School senior, future snow cat driver, owner of the coolest haircut ever, and all-around amazing person.  And, welcome to Monarch Mountain in August.  Ayla- thanks for loving snow cats, and for all the near-death experience stories :)ayla 1ayla 2