Brittany and I giggled pretty much straight through her entire shoot.  She's a senior at Buena Vista High School and I completely love her because she brought me a LIME GREEN PROM DRESS!  I have this ridiculous thing for color, and it doesn't get much better than that.  We were so comfortable around each other despite this being the first time we met, and I totally promise that all her smiles and laughter were 100 % legitimate.  Brittany has, like, LOADS of personality and the cutest smile ever.Sometimes I end up with great stories after a shoot, and this was one of those times.  We were up in the woods taking some pictures, and I saw a field of tall, pretty grass.  "How about if you go sit in that field?"  I said.  I was looking down, making exposure adjustments on my camera, and suddenly Brittany started laughing, and said, "What the heck is this?"  She handed me a crumpled peice of paper she had found in the field.  I unfurled it and realized it was a photo of a bride and a groom.  Then, I realized it was a photo of a bride and a groom holding pairs of scandalous underwear.  Then, I said, "Wait a second.  I KNOW these people!"

"You do not," she said.  "No way!"  We looked at each other for a moment before completely dissolving into laughter.  I brought the neglected, dusty picture back to the studio with me, and emailed my friend Sarah to let her know what I had found.  Then came the real "Twilight Zone" moment: I realized that the back of the photo was printed with "Copyright Cedar House Photography"!  I had forgotten that the previous owner of Cedar House photographed Sarah's wedding four or five years ago.  Does it get weirder than that?

Sarah says she has no explanation for how this ended up in the middle of the woods.

You know, finding incriminating photos of friends holding crotchless panties on their wedding day many years ago, in the middle of the woods, while shooting a high school senior... just another day at the office.  Love you Brittany!  You're the cutest!  I think the jumping off the table shots are some of my favorites - I love how you left your shoelaces untied :)

brittany 1brittany 2