My shoot with Christina, a sweet, easygoing, laid-back senior at St. Mary's in Colorado Springs, was one of my more memorable senior portrait shoots for many reasons.  She brought along her boyfriend Josh (whose senior portraits I'm doing this upcoming weekend!)  and the three of us wandered all around Old Colorado City in search of some fun and interesting shots.  It was HOT.  Like, really really hot.  I'm pretty familiar with that area, having lived in Manitou for a few years, but I hadn't been there in a while, so I got there a little bit early and drove around to scout out some locations.  I found this AWESOME apartment complex that had a cool courtyard - the buildings were all white with bright Smurf-blue trim and a bright Smurf-blue fire escape staircase, and the courtyard had one rainbow-colored pation umbrella!  There was no one there when I drove past and I was getting excited and starting to form some shots in my mind.  So I met up with Christina and Josh, who were also getting excited about these shots, and we drove back over there... only to find that it was not, in fact, an apartment complex.  I guess it was a group home for people with disabilities.  We showed up not ten minutes after I had first seen it and my cool empty courtyard was completely packed with people in wheelchairs.  Thwarted!Never mind that... we soldiered on and got some sweet shots anyway.  THEN, I saw this cool bungalow down a side street.  It had handpainted signs all over it, and there were stuffed animals glued to the roof, and one random white chair in front of the whole thing.  I turned to Christina and said, "We should definitely get some with you in that chair!"  She started walking over there, and I was adjusting the exposure on my camera when she said, "Um, there's a naked guy over here!"  We all started laughing and hurried away with the naked guy glaring at us from the bushes... like I said, this was a very memorable shoot.  Christina, you're gorgeous and I had a ton of fun with you both!  Josh, I'll see you this weekend :)

christina 1christina 2