I started out my shoot with Dylan with a case of mistaken identity.  I knew he was Lexy's cousin, and I vaguely remembered her telling me that she had a cousin who was an Abercrombie model, so when this handsome, tan, muscular guy walks into the studio, you know, I just assumed.  We were doing a few shots in the studio, and I said something about male modeling, and he looked seriously confused.  It turns out there's ANOTHER incredibly good-looking cousin who models for Abercrombie & Fitch.... what a winning gene pool.  "That's not really my thing," he laughed, and then faked a few "male model" poses.  I beg to differ, Dylan - it could definitely be "your thing"! So, here's Dylan, football player, Buena Vista High School senior, Cedar House's first  guy senior of 2010, totally sweet guy, and not-yet male model. :)dylanDSC_0136