If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Lille, then you know exactly why I adore her.  If you haven't, then you need to go find her and introduce yourself immediately.  This girl is SO sweet, SO fun, and SO easy to be around, and in a few years you're going to wish you had her autograph because I she's going to be incredibly famous.  Lille is a senior in Leadville, and she already has a role in an independent film!  Giggling, she told me this great story about sneaking out of her parents' house... to audition for a New York acting school, which she totally aced, of course.  Add to that the fact that she brought her amazing dress for the movie, her official Harry Potter wizard tie, and a sequined and feathered masquerade mask, and naturally, the result is me totally loving this shoot.Oh, and in case you haven't heard stories about the legendary extent of my clumsiness... I injure myself doing totally stupid stuff pretty frequently.  It's never while I'm doing anything cool (sigh).  We were out in the field doing some shots in front of the mountains, and I was explaining to Lille that I was going to sit on the ground for a better angle.

"As long as you don't sit on a cactus!" she laughed.  And of course, that was the very next thing I did.  Smooth.  Lille - good luck with everything in the future!  I know you're going to accomplish some amazing things.