Okay, so, Julie might rival Shannon for the Most Dedicated Cedar House Client Award.  She's a senior at Conifer High School in Evergreen, and her mom let her take the entire day off school just so she could come hang out with me (yes, children... skip school for senior photos!  Skip school for senior photos!)!  And we definitely took full advantage of our time... muahahah.  We hit up Salida in a serious serious way, employing the skate park, a bottle tree, back alleys, a random car show, a globe, and some abandoned plastic deer under a strict NO TRESPASSING sign in our pursuit of amazing senior photos.  I am posting way too many photos right now.  This girl rocks my world.  For real.  Not only is she completely wonderfully beautiful, but we got along like we had known each other forever.  And, she likes making faces in photos (that's my own personal weakness when in front of the camera).  In fact, we had such an excellent time that after the shoot, she sent me the sweetest Facebook message:"=D i had such a BLAST today. After i left i was thinking to myself "i wish i could rewind the day and do it over again!"... this day will be one of the days in my life that i will remember for ever... well until i get alzheimers. haha. i was so comfortable around you, you seriously felt like i have known you forever and you were an older sister or a best friend.

thank you so much for doing this for me!!! i can't wait to see the shots!"

So just fair warning, if you leave me sweet messages, I will love it so much I will blast it all over the internet :)  Julie - love love love love.

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