Poor Anthony.  He was sitting on my couch, leg in a full brace from recent ACL surgery, crutches on either side, and I looked over at him and started cracking up.  "I'm so sorry," I said.  "You just look so sad and pathetic right now."Now, to be fair, I don't talk to all my clients this way.  But we had just spent the whole morning together, tooling around, shooting his senior pictures, and we hit it off so well I had already started giving him crap (the sign that I truly like you).  We took his parent's convertible up Cottonwood Pass and got a ton of awesome shots in the snow where a curious bird landed on the rearview mirror!, discussed our shared secret ambition to become CIA agents, and, then,  you know me... I totally ate it like three times on the ice.  Gracefully, of course.    When we got back I was so cold from driving through the snowy mountains that it took me the rest of the day to stop shivering, but, wow, did we have a blast.  Tony - heal quickly.  Thanks for the awesome day - you're a total cutie and I'll hang out with you any time :)


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