Yayayayayay!  I love Leslie and Brian so much, it's hard to believe they were clients before they were friends.  Earlier this summer, a friend sent me a link to this Sick Jacken video, and immediately my mind started spinning.  Hmmm... I love Dia de Los Muertos.  It reminds me of my childhood in Santa Fe.  Which of my clients would ever be down with a Dia de los Muertos - themed shoot?  Of course - Leslie and Brian! The bride and groom with the zombie cake topper and stars of this awesome engagement session!  So then, my mind was overwhelmed with a hundred ideas, and I've been looking forward to this shoot for what felt like forever.  We had an amazing fall day with luscious light and during the shoot, I kept repeating, "OMG, I'm so excited right now, " like a mantra.  This has definitely been one of my favorites.  If you're a little creeped out... good, that was the goal.  Thanks, Dad, for the ristras - you're right, they did come in handy.  Thanks, Matt, for the inspirational vid, and thanks to the lovely Rachelle for her makeup talents.  But mostly- Leslie & Brian - overwhelming, overflowing, mass quantities of gratitude.  Oh yeah... did I mention this is just part one? :)

leslie ttd

leslie ttd 2